The Spirit Lord, a dark fantasy tale I first started writing in my early teen years, is now under severe editing and reconstruction. It seemed a good idea at the time. Hopefully it can be redeemed.

The Plot:

A young lad named Loki lives with his mentally unstable mother. One night, he wakes to find the father he never met pleading for his mother to understand that he lives in a magical world and has come for his son.

Put under an enchantment, he is led into this strange, godly realm which is a disturbing mix of ancient and futuristic. Here, he discovers he has siblings. More than he could even recall the names of. There’s Woden who can read thoughts, Ella’s a trickster with a friend who is half unicorn (Mayhorn for technical terms), and Serf can prophesise.

However, it wouldn’t be a tale if there wasn’t a perturbing element thrown in for good measure. A dangerous dark elf, the King of the dark Elves, feels threatened by him. They both share the incredibly rare gift of being able to communicate with all-knowing spirits. The unsettled atmosphere between the dark Elves and the Asguardians could turn into another great war.

Can Loki resist the strong mental manipulation of the king?



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