Dr. Lars Adler walked into his underground lab chuckling, his work and ideas had been scorned yet again. He knew that he had been born before his time, it would take centuries before the world was ready for such an outrage of futuristic inventions. ‘Next time,’ he thought, ‘I’ll be back and I’ll shock them for real.’

Suddenly, he smiled. “It is time to take a step outside this world…”

He walked to his latest discovery and stepped inside, not even glancing over his shoulder for one final time.


At the Institution of Technology and Modern Sciences, Wednesday 15th October.

There was a lot of whispering around the institution that morning, everyone seemed to be on the lookout for a ghost. The man who had left behind him a stream of speculation and had become urban legend after his very sudden disappearance a decade ago, was apparently back.

Of the many rumours which had circulated, the most popular seemed to state that he had been so devastated with his multiple failures that he had moved to a lonely forest in his hometown in Germany, whereas others would say he had indeed made phenomenal discoveries and was using them to help the Russians prepare an unbeatable war against America as retribution for their actions towards him. Others had claimed, with more cruelty than was necessary, that he had taken his own life out of desperation.

“I swear that’s him,” one man whispered to his neighbour.

“I think you’re right, how is it possible? I thought he jumped off a cliff?” the other replied in awe.

The first scoffed and said, “Right, don’t believe everything you hear at the canteen, Rob. But it has been ten years, why is he just returning now?”

Rob shrugged, popping a carrot stick in his mouth still staring at the unusual bloke sitting on the other side of the room. The handsome man didn’t look his forty-eight years; he was tall with a porcelain face and a well-maintained body. He had lost his ‘dorky’ glasses. Probably using contacts, Rob mused feeling a stab of jealousy, I’d like a bit of whatever medicine he’s having.

“Why does he look like he found the elixir of eternal youth? Can’t have been as stressed as they made him out to be, huh?”

“Nay, he looks like he’s spent his better days in a spa drinking herbal tea and getting massaged. I bet he discovered something new in chemistry instead of his physics, he’s pushing the boundaries of skin-care,” Rob scorned in an undertone, “Or it could just be excellent plastic surgery.”

The strange man, object of their disgust and fascination, looked up right at them. With a slight smirk that sent chills down both their spines, he stood and strode out the room.

“No way, he couldn’t have heard us…” Rob stuttered, his eyes like tea-saucers.

“Then why did he look right at us? I think you were right about the breakthrough.”

A/N: Interested in reading more? The rest is uploaded regularly on my Wattpad: http://www.wattpad.com/MoonshineNoire ).


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