“Dr. Adler? Dr. Adler, the police are here!” Della’s voice rang from the reception.

Lars frowned. Hadn’t the mobsters said they’d told the police it was fine?

Confused, he rushed out having just thrown the bodies through the wormhole as a quick and temporary disposal. He’d feed them to his favourite flesh-eating purple trees later.

“Hello officers. I’m sorry you had to come out here. Everything seems perfectly fine,” Lars smiled his brilliant white smile.

“You’re Dr. Adler, forty-eight year old physicist?” the first police officer questioned.

“Yes, last I checked,” Lars didn’t know what was coming up but he hoped this wasn’t the ‘string’ Daniel (Lars had checked his wallet), the dead hitman, had pulled.

“I’m sorry, you just don’t look even half that age! What’s your secret?”

The two officers looked astounded.

Lars chuckled, “Good air, exercise, good food and I suppose some medicine that I’m developing. Look out for it.”

They don’t know it was extraterrestrial air, food, and as for exercise… I’m sure running away from killer dog-sized bees counts…

Lars winked.

After taking a statement and checking the premises (Lars managed to convince them that the wormhole room was a high contamination zone), the officers left looking baffled.

The doctor let out the breath he had been holding.

“Strange that someone would break into such a high security building for no apparent reason,” Della said from behind him.

Lars frowned.

“Of course it’s strange. They probably just wanted to show that they could break in to scare me. After all, with every passing day I’m making millions. Who wouldn’t want to make a front page story? One of the officers actually said The New York Times wants a full interview about this. Five minutes fame for the criminals and all that,” Lars kept checking her eyes for any hint of a lie as he spoke, “Don’t worry about it, I’m upping security even more now.”

Della smiled, “You’re probably right. After all, you’d have to be a mad genius to break through state-of-the-art security and leave undetected. They managed to disable the cameras probably from wherever they came from. That’s some impressive hacking skills.”

Lars froze. Hacking skills… He knew exactly who was behind this.


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