There’s a wavering ocean inside of me

Longing to escape its carnage confines

Crashing against the bony cage dunes

Capsizing the ship in a graceless gale

I am drowned from within, flooded

Gallons of seasalt whipping my wounds

A life of metaphor lost to the tsunami

I gasp for air, unable to scream or escape

How can I tear away from my own flesh?

These waves ebb and dash me asunder

The gulls squawk a concert of mockery

Nipping down to peck at my bloody eyes

I’m plunged under the expanse of water

Engulfed with a paramount phobia

Of drowning and fading in a greying

Self-absorbed, ego-soaked hurricane.

Oh the seabed will rise to embrace me

Against her longing, shell-indented bosom

Where I might finally rest in peace

Or perhaps tie me to a scalloped raft

Leaving me to pick the scales from

My permeated crow-black hair

And the crab-meat from between

My crooked, plaque-ridden teeth

The sea does little to offer answers

Instead coughing up useless pearls

And cold, dead scale-painted flesh

The boundless sea prunes my toes

Burns my blue lips and clogs my limbs

It does little to hide my own rotting

Body and suffocating putrescence

The decay of my mind resists charity

Threatening the few flames left

In a soul that was never mine

All that remains of me is the memory

Of the ceaseless tide that was only

Disrupted by the moon-lass’ love

A dozen times a year like the rose bouquet

Which you placed by my eternal bed.


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