never again can it see

what horrors taint the inner eyes

of those children’s foul minds

is it an addiction or a phase?

displeasure and distaste

how juvenile adults can be


unwilling to hear home truths

in your psychedelic acid rock 60’s

bananas were cigars

and glue was perfume coke

get over it

maybe you only like selfies when

they’re your own

annoying timelines of embarrassed teens

third wave hasn’t got sh*t on us

inbred swine mocking my blackness

the world belongs to your uneducated ass

splodges and greasy flatness

what is worse?

your fragility and insecurity

or your sense of entitlement?

why moan about the 60’s?

racism is still kicking fit

protests are very common

but rarely heard

and your glaringly unrealistic


should be under lock and key

until you finish your sugared

delights and end it

for the time

it takes to switch off

your humanity

with your precious gun collection

and proudly masculine sons

and effeminate daughters

destined to wed and be

cheerful liars ever after

in their rightful places

god forbid they think twice

or rebel

because glocks are freedom

for the free

and certain loss for the unworthy

and again you convert

to the blindness of comfort-

ridden, optional ignorance

while the world presumably self-

implodes taking souls

and leaving ghosts of debris

in the back of your conscious

to be swept away by the snazzy

white-washed excuse of



(Note: So the featured poet was Lawrence Ferlinghetti. The title was taken from his poem The Canticle of Jack Kerouac. As ever, I was attracted to the mere mention of Beat so I was hoping to transfer some of the Beat Gen energy to this piece. I didn’t.

The prompt was one of my favourite composer’s work, Enigma Variations by Edward Elgar. The prompt was to suggest something in the poem without referring to it directly, keeping it a silent question.

I hate this one because I promised I’d avoid politics or socialism but yeah…

Also, a challenge making ‘an accessible poem’ like that which Ferlinghetti describes and writes while also making it an enigma to riddle… Strange balance.)


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