Snuffle-box oddity and out you leap

Scramble to your teeny feet

Scratch, hop, scram, scatter

Everything falls to your feet


The Master’s papers are torn apart

The Lady’s milk is tipp’d over

Yet you seek only reprieve

You flap and peck, glad it’s over


Reduced to canary clown status

Disregarded kaleidoscope plumage

And dignified exotic curved beak

That rakes and prunes the plumage


Flit, fly and fall from focal flaws

Your chains were never visibly damning

And now you rake your claws into wood

Disowning the cage and the damning


Your lilt-winged, china-thin body

Starved but not enough to dampen

L’esprit and cloud pull of withdrawal

And the call of the forest dampen’d


Soon, you’ll fly and soar once more.

Hop-scotch, one, two, three.

Come back and join me.


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