An Infinite Deal of Nothing

A poem a day for the month of April (new, ongoing).



portal of deceit

The Portal of Deceit

An underrated physicist disappears, leaving behind only rumours of his whereabouts, he returns with inventions from another world passing them off as his own. Soon he becomes a billionaire and his multinational corporation tops every other on Earth for its massive advancements in technology and science.

Wormholes, political corruption, billionaire liars, energy-generating crystals, and a foolhardy escape plan. What could possibly go wrong?

(Regular Updates).



Sailing on a Sea of Moondust

Sailing On A Sea of Moondust

Senryu and Haiku




Sara In Atlantis

“Time travel exists, ghosts are real, and magic isn’t an illusion. Forget everything you are told to believe, believe what you see.”

Sara becomes entangled in a world of magic, it was just like Alice going down the rabbit hole, only instead falling deep into the Aegean Sea and discovering the long forgotten land of Atlantis which is held in terror by a dictator.

Can she save the cursed Queen and restore order to this kingdom?





Poetry to be taken with bitter coffee and read with icy toes. All the best things in life fall on a colourful spectrum of grey.